Monday, August 3, 2009

River Road Library

The library I visit most often is nestled into River Center, a shopping center at River Road and Craycroft Road. Dusenberry-River isn't the largest branch of Pima County Library, but it's close to home and I like the architecture. Palm trees and a meandering man-made stream make this shopping center feel like an oasis in the desert.

When I first started visiting River Center 15 years ago, besides the library, I would stop into the wild bird shop and the grocery store. Those stores closed many years ago, and there has been a constant turnover of merchants in the little shops.

The center has recently added some new facades and an attractive desert color scheme of purple, green, terra cotta and yellow. Seems like it would be the perfect location for a farmer's market offering locally grown produce.


lizzie said...

The colours are lovely, but it certainly looks kind of hot and dry.

betchai said...

i love the architecture and the palms right at the center of the mall Diane, and of course, the very blue sky which the desert seem to always have.

Anonymous said...

It is a very interesting in architecture, colors, and design of the marketplace!

Your pictures show so much of the history also..

kyllimarjaana said...

Thanks for joining my blog . I'm going to join yours later . Today my computer das not want to do that .
Your pictures are grate and you have some artistic way to look the thingS like light and chadow playing together .
I must tell you my english is not wery good so try to understand if I have some spelling mistakes .

Prospero said...

In a way, it's too bad about the wild bird shop and the grocery store. I like the new colors, however.