Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer Sightings

Hello :)  These pictures are from early July.  First, birds and saguaros again and then a little more of a variety.

house finches

white-winged dove - adult

white-winged dove - juvenile

purple martin - female

purple martin - male

red-tailed hawk

cat-claw acacia seed pod

barrel cactus with red spines

round-tailed ground squirrels

chain-fruit cholla cactus

cactus wren

tarantula hawk  (wasp)

tarantula and mesquite seed pods

empress leilia butterfly

zebra-tailed lizard

desert spiny lizard

desert spiny lizard

desert tortoise

saguaros and palo verdes reflected in puddles of rainwater

Have a good day!


Giga said...

Cudownie wyglądają ptaki na kaktusach. Zabawnie wiewiórki. Pozdrawiam.
Wonderful birds look for cacti. Fun squirrels. Yours.

Carole said...

Ahh, such great sights! You know your creatures. I'm forever having people tell me they have prairie dogs on their property and they're disappointed to learn the little creatures are really round-tailed ground squirrels.

Celeste said...

June and July might be like living in a furnace but it is certainly a time of plenty for all the critters that eat the various cactus fruits. Great shots of the different species enjoying the Saguaros but my winner is those baby Round-tailed Ground Squirrels - oh my! Too Cute :)

Ramakant Pradhan said...

It's amazing some birds even make the cactus as their home. Lovely captures of the birds and critters. The squirrels look pretty cute :)

Roberta Warshaw said...

Those are some fantastic shots! I love them all. Except I am no fan of tarantulas even though I know they are pretty harmless.....I think I have a bit of arachnophobia.


Fantastic Photos!!!!

Magic Moments said...

Stuning photos!...I'm afraid for spider..but you spiders pic was beautiful..=0)