Friday, August 23, 2013

Snapshots of the Sky

Here are some sky pictures from the past week.

sunrise 8/19/2013 5:40am

Full "blue" moon with clouds on Wednesday:

moon 8/21/2013 5:11am

moon and mesquite tree  8/22/2013 5:58am

8/22 moon closer up - nice light golden color

 My son called last evening to tell me that the moon was glowing red:

moon 8/22/2013 8:16pm

red oval-shaped moon

The moon this morning with a dark sky:

moon  8/23/2013 4:16am

and a blue sky:

moon 8/23/2013 6:05am

Also this morning, even with a cloudy sky I could see the planet Jupiter and the Orion constellation to the east just before sunrise.

I'm pretty sure the two red colored dots are the stars Betelgeuse (Orion's shoulder) and Aldebaran (the fiery eye of Taurus the bull).

8/23/2013 5:14am

And finally, here's an interesting cloud from last Friday:

clouds 8/16/2013 6:46pm

It looks like the gray color was brushed onto the white cloud with a huge paint brush.

cloud close up with Vitex tree branch

Visit Skywatch Friday to view skies from around the world.


Rohrerbot said...

Gorgeous pics! That shot is so interesting with all the labels. I would not be able to recognize all those points of light. It's wonderful you know all of the star/planets. I went up to the UA for a star night in October and had a great time. Fascinating stuff!

Magia da Inês said...


Fotografias incrivelmente belas!!!
A minha preferida é a primeira lua vermelha!...

Bom fim de semana!
Beijinhos do Brasil.

DeniseinVA said...

Hi Diane, those photos are incredible!!!

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Wonderful post, Diane! Love the detail in the moon shots.

rainfield61 said...

You "read" Mr. Moon so much...

Thérèse said...

Fantastic moon!

Anonymous said...

Wow - stunning moon shots!

cieldequimper said...

Grandmother moon at her best. Fabulous shots!

Anonymous said...

Those are amazing images of the moon! I'm glad your son called you about the red moon.


Teté M. Jorge said...

Marvelous!!! Thank you!!!

Hugs and love from Brasil.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...


Kind regards,

Agrigirl said...

Nice job capturing the gorgeous AZ sky.

Laura said...

absolutely gorgeous! I especially love the red moon with the silhouetted branches, breath taking!

Betty Manousos said...

what beautiful captures, diane.
that moon on fire just caught my eye!
hope you're enjoying your weekend~

Shirley said...

Incredible shots! You must be an astronomy buff. I just downloaded a "Sky Watch" app on my iPhone and I love it!

Janie said...

Very pretty sky pics! I love the red moon.

PJ van Zyl said...

great set of the sky

Magic Moments said...

Amazing photos...they are so interesting..

Deise Lemos de Almeida said...

Imagens lindas!

Celeste said...

Beautiful images, the sky is an ever changing palette and you have captured it so well.

betchai said...

ahhh, you have the most interesting sky!