Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Saguaros

Hello! These pictures are from June when the fruiting cacti were attracting a variety of birds.

purple martins

three cactus wrens

gila woodpecker

saguaro flower


saguaro fruit

saguaros in the morning light

house finches eating saguaro fruit

Enjoy your day!


cieldequimper said...

This will never cease to amaze me! Lovely photos!

angryparsnip said...

I have been so wanting to post about Saguaros. But now you have done the most wonderful one I shall just send them over to yours !
Don't you just love the Cactus Wrens ? They are a hoot. I call them the Chinese acrobats of the bird world.
Wonderful photos as always.

cheers, parsnip

Darla said...

In that last photo, do you wonder if they were thinking "this is great but very messy…so exactly when are those rains coming?!" LOL

Barb said...

I've never been there to see the fruit on the Saguaros. I love the morning light. Birds must be getting their fill!

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Interesting how the fruit attract such a large variety of birds. Great photos!

Jo said...

Hi Diane, I have never even heard of Saguaros. I love the birds this plant attracts. Thanks for sharing. Greetings, Jo

rainfield61 said...

Birds enjoy their days too.

Janie said...

The cactus flowers and fruit are beautiful. As always, your cactus bird photos are fantastic!

Kathie Brown said...

Very nice! You make me miss Tucson!

Rohrerbot said...

So glad the rain has returned! I can feel a sigh of relief happen around Southern Arizona:)

Candace said...

Goldfinches! I seldom see them and can never "capture" them. Very nice.